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Heartfelt, No-Nonsense Coaching

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

What comes to mind when you hear the term Life Coach? What came to mind the first time you ever heard it?

This is what I know:

  • Life Coaching is for you. The professional life coaches who've been trained and/or certified know the client comes first in their sessions.

  • There are many different methods, approaches and providers. For guidance, compassion, accountability and results find a coach that resonates with you. If you start with a trained, certified, experienced and ethical coach you'll understand what you're offered and know what to look for next time if the one you've chosen just doesn't fit.

  • There are many different price points. You get what you pay for, but often get much more. Life coaching is a commitment like any other meaningful appointment you make; you don't expect professional providers to negotiate fees. But you should expect flexibility in your sessions, to get what you need, in the moment or over the long term every time you meet with your coach. Your paid program should offer enough sessions for you to experience a path toward the goals and transformation you're seeking (certainly no less than eight weeks to start, but much longer than that to be effective for you).

  • There are niches for you among life coaches. Many like me are generally trained with a couple of specialties. Many focus in on their particular zone of genius, offering a single goal program such as coaching just for business, or money management/generation, weight loss, parent skills, navigating divorce, dating/relationships, etc. etc. etc. I focus on women ages 55+ who grew up in a unique era with mixed messages that have influenced a pattern of putting themselves last and are rejecting that. All that said, a quality coach will have the general life coach underpinning of skills to help you with the mindset and self awareness necessary for your transformation in any area.

  • Your life coach is not your friend but will love you with all they've got when they take you on. Seriously, yes--love and sometimes a bit of tough love (just ask any coach worth their weight and worthy of their profession and clients). I like to call it heartfelt coaching: not mushy, but no-nonsense with real care in applying their skills for what you, the client needs.

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