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A Favorite Episode!

Open Your Mind for a Money Makeover with Liz Carroll

You'll be hearing a lot on Fire-Up about finances at 55+ this year as "baby-boomer" women are expanding their finances like never before ... or just learning to take control of their money with baby (or bold) steps. But before we unlock the safe and share emerging info, it's time to revisit the wisdom of one of my favorite guests who creates calm confidence around finances for women in midlife and beyond. So whether you are pursuing dreams of abundance or running from math nightmares, listen to the guide you need: financial wellness coach Liz Carroll. She shares her turnaround story from, at first believing she was “bad with money,” to attaining financial independence and retiring early. With her success also came a keen desire to help other women unpack and upgrade their own money stories.


Liz simplifies complex personal financial issues and so much more through the user-friendly Mindful Money Transformation program she created and teaches online from her home on The Oregon Coast.

Liz is a Certified Financial Coach from Ramsey Solutions, a Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School and a 200-RYT Yoga & Meditation Instructor from Purna Yoga College.



Are you ready to put yourself first in your 55+ years? Your host, Laurie Adams at 60+, successfully did that and is here now to help you discover what you want for your own, full second act in life. If you’re stuck on the back burner and ready to fire-up at mid-life and beyond, tune in weekly and Schedule a Call with Laurie.

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