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Where are you on your list?  You know, that checklist running nonstop in the back of your mind. Or, since it’s the holiday season, the list that is now sprinting nonstop in the front of your mind! I and my guest experts have repeatedly shared the case for your self-care, not only for a happier life, but to elevate your self-image, at least as high as the importance you give to other people, by giving to them first … by putting them first … by often—eek!—people pleasing. My heartfelt hope, and message for you today, is to give you another way to advance your own priorities for yourself, in times of seasonal stress as well as—and this is the fun part—to get going, on goal-getting.

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Are you ready to put yourself first in your 55+ years? Your host, Laurie Adams at 60+, successfully did that and is here now to help you discover what you want for your own, full second act in life. If you’re stuck on the back burner and ready to fire-up at mid-life and beyond, tune in weekly and Schedule a Call with Laurie.

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